• Superior Food Services partner with MRF Fish to bring fresh seafood to your kitchens

Superior Food Services partner with MRF Fish to bring fresh seafood to your kitchens

Superior Food Services has acquired Mooloolah River Fisheries (MRF) to bring local, wild-caught seafood to the commercial kitchens of Australia.

As a major supplier to restaurants and cafes across the country, MRF source seafood products from the unspoiled and isolated waters of the Eastern Australian, Queensland Coast. They have been successfully supplying locally caught seafood to the Australian and international hospitality industry from their family-operated fish market for almost 20 years. Their host of high-quality products include line caught reef fish such as Red Emperor, Gold Band Snapper, Saddle Tail Snapper, as well as deep water species, Yellow Fin Tuna, Sword Fish, Mahi Mahi and Spanish mackerel. The fresh caught prawn species caught include Tiger, Banana, Red Spot King, Endeavour and the most popular, Eastern Ocean Mooloolaba King Prawns.

Through implementing firm quality control processes, their main goal is to make strictly local, sustainably caught seafood products more accessible to the hospitality industry at large. They achieve this by implementing stringent protocol and procedures to ensure the treatment of sea life and quality of the product is at an optimal level. By offering their large fleet of trawlers and fisherman a full-service providing them with fuel, ice and servicing, MRF are able to monitor the treatment and quality of the seafood they catch, further ensuring they deliver top-quality, sustainable seafood.

Image of a piece of raw fish

“We work to a philosophy of complete transparency when it comes to sourcing the best produce for our customers,” says Ashley Wall from Superior Food Services. “You can rest assured knowing the seafood your restaurant serves to your guests is that of the highest standard and quality.” Superior Food Services is present at every turn in the cycle, from the second the catch reaches the dock at the unloading wharf in Mooloolaba to delivery at the venue’s door.

Mooloolah River Fisheries delivery area spans most of South East Queensland, from the Sunshine Coast to Brisbane and South to the Gold Coast. Using on forwarders, fresh seafood deliveries are also made into Regional NSW with Superior’s regional hub in Tamworth delivering to a large part of North Western NSW. Operating under self-implemented quality control procedures ensures orders arrive at the destination at peak freshness and in the same way it left the warehouse. Mooloolah River Fisheries also distribute a large range of this catch as a frozen product, so now with Superior Food Services, customers can access the quality produce across Australia. You can place your order here

Since its inception in 2000, their mission has been to provide a fully integrated facility to service the seafood and fishing industries across the country from their family-oriented fishery. Their varied selection caught and delivered to restaurants almost daily is what makes MRF arguably one of the most expansive seafood processors in Australia.