Pricing and Ordering


The new online system delivers rich functionality in a straight forward, easy to use interface. Registration for the online ordering system is done either through the drop -down in the upper right corner (click on the NEW icon next to Sign up as online user), or by telephoning your local S uperior Branch . Access for enrolled users is gained by loggi ng in at the top of any Superior website page! The new online system suppo rts:

  • Pantry list (orders can be restricted to pantry lists)
  • Pantry list editing
  • Searching from products via categories, codes, descriptions or suppliers.
  • Running totals.
  • Delivery day selection.
  • Special admin -user privileges .

Phone, Email, Fax Orders

Superior Foods provides dedicated phone support to take and update orders during extended business hours. The Head Office is also staffed on Sundays allowing customers to place orders as needed.

Email orders can be submitted simply by filling out a (Superior supplied) simple Excel spreadsheet and emailing it to the Superior office. Orders can also be faxed, again by filling in a simple form (and using as many pages as you need!), then faxing those pages to Superior.


Superior Foods s upports customers around all of Australia, using our network of warehouses in combination with a multi -pronged distribution approach. This is based on a fleet of 150 state of the art trucks, custom built to our specifications to ensure we provide our customers with 100% product integrity whilst meeting cold chain requirements.

Superior has accreditation and is regularly audited by SAI Global . Together these ensure safe food handl ing and risk minimization at Superior.