Frequently asked questions

How do I login as a new customer?

  1. Click on the right hand side icon and enter your account login (email address) and password.
  2. For new customers, please click on the “sign up” tab and follow the instructions to become a Superior Food Services customer. Our customer service will be in touch with you.

How do I order online?

First time order

  1. Once your login is activated you become a Superior Food Services customer. After your account is active and you are logged, a dashboard will pop up in your account. Click on the “order online” icon

→ If ordering for the first time, please click on “order online” icon to start       ordering and create your order

→ Add your products and quantities

→ Revise your order

→ Check out

→ Check your delivery address, name and phone number

→ Payment information

→ Press button “submit order”

→What happens after my order is received? An email will be sent to you with confirmation of you order


  1. If you have already ordered in the past and want to reorder the same list of products,

→ Please click on the “my orders” icon. A list with your past orders will come up and you will be able to go through them

→ Select the order, click and add/edit products

→ To finalise the order, just follow the same procedure as the point number 2

 What does my shopping cart with a number bubble means?

  1. It means products that haven’t been purchased but only selected and marked. These products, once they are selected go automatically into the shopping cart and remain there until paid.

What does “my wish list” means?

  1. My wish list icon refers to those products in which the customer has selected by clicking on the “heart” icon and fall into the wishing list. Meaning, the customer would like to have them as a “saved” product without purchasing it.

 What does “my pantry order” means?

  1. My pantry order is all the templates orders a customer has created to be reused in the future (e.g. Christmas list, footy list, January special list, etc). Once the pantry order is created, customers can add or delete items to reorder in the future.
  2. To save your pantry order, just scroll down in your shopping cart, while checking out to see the tab to “save it” as the picture shows below:

What does “my orders” means?

  1. My orders icon means all the orders a customer has made on their account. This allows our customers to check their past purchases and invoices.

What does “my balance” icon means?

  1. If a customer has an account using credit from Superior Food Services, the “my balance” icon refers to the amount remaining in that account. For balance/billing/invoice information contact our Accounts department at ……

What does “my addresses” mean?

  1. It refers to all the addresses a customer has saved on the account for delivery purposes.

What does “account overview” means?

  1. This icon helps customers to change their personal information and password.

What does the “fast order” tab mean?

  1. Fast orders are used by customers that already know Superior Food Services products by item code and quantity, rather than product name. It makes the ordering process quicker.

How do I know your delivery radar?

  1. Once you create an account with Superior Food Services and your information such as post code is on our system, you will be informed straight away if we deliver to your address. You can also visit our store locator around Australia http://superiorfood-live.prontoavenue.biz/contact-us

What payments does Superior Food Services accept?

  1. We accept credit card and credit with Superior Food Services, for this you need to fill out a credit application form and follow instruction in the link http://superiorfood-live.prontoavenue.biz/payments