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The website will act as your one stop online hub where you can place orders, check account balances, view order history, view current order status and much more! Armed with our new site you will never miss a deal or announcement again.

Accessing the New Site

The address for the new site is the same as the old one: http://superiorfs.com.au/

To log in from any page access the “LOGIN” button which will direct you to the login page.  Here you can login, sign up or reset your password!

Enter your user name and password into the fields below

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Navigating the New Site

You will be directed to your account overview page where you can find information including orders, billing information and most importantly, the pantry!

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Your account will be set up with a Pantry Sheet which will contain your most commonly ordered products.  You can access this Pantry Sheet through the My Account > My Pantry Orders menu on any page.

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Use the Pantry to Streamline Ordering 

Every account has a “My Pantry Sheet” which collects your most frequently ordered items, so you can easily reorder them and check stock levels. You are also able to add your own Pantry lists which exist to streamline the reordering process.

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Finding and adding new products to purchase

You may also wish to shop our complete range by choosing the Catalogue > Show All Products or chose a category e.g. “Chilled Food”


Or simply search by key words in the search field


To select items from your pantry sheet, enter numbers into field or click on up and down arrows

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To select product from the full catalogue highlight and replace quantity value and click on “add to cart”

You can also add the product to your Wishlist by clicking on the heart symbol.



Completing Shopping and Heading to Checkout

Once you have completed your product selection click on your shopping cart icon to complete checkout or click on the heart icon to view products added to your Wishlist.


From the checkout page you are required to complete the following steps  

Step 1.

Within this step you must

  • Select your delivery date – outlined in red
  • Confirm and or change product quantities – outlined in green
  • Enter coupon codes – outlined in blue
  • Enter purchase order numbers / order references – outlined in orange
  • Clear cart or continue shopping – outlined in pink
  • Save your order as a special pantry sheet e.g. Week 1, Meat order, non-consumables etc – outlined in yellow


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Step 2.

  • Confirm delivery address
  • Add any delivery notes required
  • Amend order reference
  • Select payment method

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Order Completion

You will receive a confirmation email upon completion of your order

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Our Country Wide Presence

If you have any questions or need help getting started feel free to contact your branch customer service team on the number below.


Melbourne                                                                                         03 9538 0800

Adelaide                                                                                            08 8359 7813

Albury                                                                                                02 6021 4745

Sydney                                                                                               02 8795 4300

Wagga Wagga                                                                                   02 6931 0700

Wollongong                                                                                       02 4271 1855

Brisbane                                                                                             07 3390 6387

Central Coast                                                                                     02 4393 5305